The End of Religion Misrecognized

So much anti-religious dogmatism, so much misrecognized religiosity, so little time. It's a wonder to me that some clearly sophisticated persons can express such unsophisticated opinions about religion. Maybe it's just because we all have vested interests? On the one hand, those who have distanced themselves from tradition seek to justify their choice, as those who have continued to embrace tradition likewise would justify themselves. What's to be made of the strange creatures, arguably not so uncommon now or ever, that reject any notion of the choice being all or nothing or even mutually exclusive? What's to be made of emerging culture that would both conserve and discard tradition in various ways to various extents?

True to Life Christmas

It's Christmas in New Zealand. I'm young and remembering, hoping to glimpse the monster at Loch Ness, wading in an icy stream at the base of the Matterhorn, spying on guards across the East German border, and clumsily asking a French vendor for an ice cream cone. Some day I'll sing carols at the doors of a Viennese cathedral, kiss a girl in a cave outside Budapest, play soccer with students at Akademgorodok, and help some Maasai boys build a small house for their doctor. In a few days, I'll celebrate the new year in Australia.

15 Lotions, Potions, and Pills at 40 Orbits

Today (1 December 2014) is my fortieth birthday. As you might imagine, I've heard the phrase "over the hill" a few times today. By present standards, I have indeed lived about half of the life expectancy for American males. But standards change. By past standards, I've already lived more than a full lifetime. By future standards? Well, remember I'm a Transhumanist. I think it's more likely that I'll die in an accident than that I'll die of the diseases of aging around age 80 (or 800 for that matter). Am I right? Let's hope (and work) to find out. In the mean time, I figure I can improve my odds by at least making a reasonable effort to take care of myself the old fashioned way: sleep 7-8 hours each night, exercise strenuously 3-4 hours per week, cultivate good relationships, manage stress, abstain from unhealthy behaviors like smoking, and minimize consumption of unhealthy foods like soft drinks. On top of those choices, I also use some supplements, and friends have been asking about those, so I thought I'd share that information here on my blog with all of you. In return, maybe some of you have some insights to share with me, to help me improve or change.