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"The Language of God" Influencing Mormon Perspectives

5 August 2007 (updated 11 March 2011)

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Today at dinner, my mother mentioned that she had recently purchased a book by geneticist (and head of the Human Genome Project) Francis Collins entitled “The Language of God”. In the book, Collins argues that respect for science and faith in God are compatible.

Coincidentally, upon returning home from dinner, I came across a blog post, by Julie Smith at Times and Seasons, in which she mentions that Deseret Book, owned by the LDS Church, has been promoting the book in its catalogues. I checked the Deseret Book web site, and sure enough found the book for sale there.

Although I haven’t yet read the book, I’m glad to see that the largest Mormon bookseller has decided to promote a book that advocates respect for science. I’m also glad to see that it’s already gone as far as reaching persons like my mother.

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