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The Holy Spirit is an Esthetic

Lincoln Cannon

3 February 2008 (updated 17 June 2024)

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Machine Imagination

The Holy Spirit is an esthetic that emerges from our environment through our anatomy and into us as individuals and communities. As we resonate with it, it informs our ethics, which in turn directs our works as we seek to shape the world. Faith, trust in, and will toward this esthetic, creates goods that reflect the beautiful and then truths that reflect the goods.

This esthetic would make us the children of God, true creators of worlds without end, fashioning not only that which we experience and know, but also our ethics according to the spirit that moves us, dancing with God.

This is the Spirit that brought Mormonism into the world, and it is the Spirit that brought Transhumanism into the world, as it is the Spirit that brought us all ideologies to the extent that they ennoble and empower us in transformative and enduring ways.

It is the power of God to salvation and exaltation. In it, we become the saviors of humanity with Christ in us. In it, we seal ourselves together in covenants of charity. In it, we save ourselves and all our dead from death and hell. From this esthetic emerges the work and glory of God: immortality and eternal life.

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