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Ensign on "Sharing the Gospel Using the Internet"

16 June 2008 (updated 20 March 2020)

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Ensign on "Sharing the Gospel Using the Internet"

Thanks to David Frischknecht at LDS Media Talk, we have news that the next issue of the LDS Church magazine, “The Ensign”, will feature on its cover an article entitled “Sharing the Gospel Using the Internet.” It is an adaptation of a talk given by Elder M Russell Ballard, who has been encouraging Mormon involvement in Internet discussion and promotion of our religion.

I’m excited to see the LDS Church focusing this level of attention on the use of technology as a means for pursuing a Mormon vision of the future. Assuming trends in computing, biotech and miniaturization technologies continue, it may not be so long as some suppose before we see an Ensign cover article entitled something like “Fullfilling Prophecies of Life Extension.”

Sound too strange? Consider how strange the current cover article would have sounded to Mormons even 20 years ago.

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