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Top 5 Mormon Science and Technology Events from 2008

Lincoln Cannon

31 December 2008 (updated 15 January 2023)

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Top 5 Mormon Science and Technology Events from 2008

In celebration of the new year, here’s a look at the top five Mormon science and technology events from 2008. Happy new year!

5) More Mormon Science and Technology Websites

Here are 18 Mormon web sites that focus on science or technology:

If you know of other Mormon websites that focus on science or technology, let me know. If you’re thinking of starting one yourself, tell me about it!

4) Deseret Book Publishes “Mormon Scientist”

Deseret Book published a biography of renowned Mormon chemist, Henry Eyring, written by his grandson, Henry J Eyring. Check out the official web site.

3) LDS Tech Awards Begin

The technology division of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has announced a program whose purpose is to publicly and formally celebrate the technical achievements of those who are sharing their skills with the Church. They want to ensure that those individuals who use their technical talents as a tremendous expression of their faith are acknowledged and encouraged. The winner of the 2008 LDS Tech Award was Brad Oldham for his exceptional volunteer effort in creating the “Return and Report” tool.

2) LDS Church Apostle Ballard Invites Mormons to Engage Technology

Elder Ballard, an Apostle of the LDS Church urged Mormons to use technological tools to further the work of God. The Ensign, an official magazine of the LDS Church, featured the article, “Sharing the Gospel Using the Internet”. The article was adapted from Ballard’s commencement address at BYU-Hawaii:

1) Claremont Conference on Mormon Thought and Engineering Vision

Claremont Graduate University announced a conference on “Parallels and Convergences between Mormon Thought and Engineering Vision.” Richard Bushman is the Howard W Hunter Chair of Mormon Studies in the School of Religion at Claremont Graduate University. He is interested in expanding the discussion of Latter-day Saint (LDS) perspectives on the attributes of God and the potential of man through a variety of innovative directions.

One of the directions to be explored is whether there is a possible resonance between Mormon and engineering thought. An assumption can be made that, according to LDS understanding, God is the architect of the Creation and the engineer of our bodies and spirits. Man, on the other hand, is believed to be capable of growing to become like God. The theological question is: where does engineering fit in the convergence of these two realms?

For more information, view the official conference recordings.

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