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What should be the future of governance?

Lincoln Cannon

16 May 2014 (updated 3 June 2015)

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What should be the future of governance?

Tell me. I’m interested in the big picture. How could and should we organize ourselves, locally, regionally and globally, going into the future to optimize for a civilization that persistently and increasingly thrives in creativity and compassion? In what ways are present governance paradigms succeeding? In what ways are they failing? How is governance relevant to our greatest opportunities and risks? How can we improve governance, not just in superficial ways, but in deeply transformative ways?

To use an analogy, I’m interested in exploring governance at the operating system level – not just the application level. For example, will representative democracy continue to provide the value it has provided historically? Can another paradigm provide greater value? If so, how could we identify that other paradigm in practical ways? How could we implement that other paradigm in practical ways? Again by analogy, could and should we change governance at the operating system level? If so, how?

There are some issues, underlying all of these big picture questions, which are perhaps the most important of all. How could and should we iterate on answering these big picture questions about governance? What would be better processes and tools for answering these questions? What is the big picture for meta-governance going into the future?

Please share your thoughts, and if you would like to do that privately then please email me via the link in the upper right corner of my website. Thank you!

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