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Should I pity PZ Myers?

Some laud the relative respectability of New Atheism and its adherents compared to the various explicitly religious fundamentalisms of our day. Recently, when I commented that we'll all be embarrassed by fellow adherents to our ideologies at one time or another, one of my friends commented that he's never embarrassed by atheists, or at least not by their atheism. I pointed out "The Altruist God of an Egoist Atheist" and "Richard Dawkins Advocates Cultural Bigotry," and he responded, more or less, that atheists have been persecuted so he feels they merit more patience.

Joy Is Fulfillment of Desires

I've written about joy being the purpose of life, using the Mormon authoritative tradition as an example of that idea. I also observed that the idea is most robust if we understand joy, not in any narrowly preconceived manner, but rather broadly in relation to that which we severally and variously and dynamically desire. This may sound excessively hedonistic, and yet we also find this idea incorporated in Mormonism.

Joy Is the Purpose of Life

Why not gather your family and friends for a group overdose on morphine? Expressed less provocatively, why live? Why maintain life through nourishment? Why extend life through medicine? Why perpetuate life through procreation? Whatever your initial reasons, introspect further. Why do you have those reasons? And, in turn, why do you have those reasons for reasons? At some point, your introspection may become too difficult or circular to continue.

Religion and Superintelligence

Writing for the Daily Dot, Dylan Love recently put together a good piece on religion and superintelligence. The title has changed since the original posting. The new one is, in my estimation, inaccurate, but it probably improved clicks. Here's the original title: "Will we be able to convert robots to Christianity?" He interviewed me for the article, and my complete answers to his questions are below.
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Thrivous Nootropics for Cognitive Enhancement
Thrivous Nootropics for Cognitive Enhancement