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Mormon Studies May Improve Science of Theology

22 February 2008 (updated 27 March 2020)

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I wrote recently about the positive correlation between Mormonism and education. As it turns out, not only are Mormons interested in education, but educators are becoming increasingly interested in Mormons.

The Boston Globe and various blogs have reported in recent days that Harvard has introduced a course on Mormonism. And this is only the latest evidence of increasing academic interest in Mormonism.

As noted in a LDS Church press release, many other universities and colleges have added Mormon studies courses in recent years. And both Claremont Graduate University and Utah State University have established chairs in Mormon studies.

The timing is excellent. Mormonism, more so than any other religion with which I am acquainted, is theologically positioned to deal with rapid advances in science and technology in a generally constructive and adoptive manner. For approximately two centuries, most Mormons have recognized the value of science and technology, considered their origins to be divine, and adopted them to facilitate and expedite the work of expressing Christian discipleship in practical ways.

Time will tell whether Mormons, in general, will end up promoting and adopting technology as a means of fulfilling prophecies regarding physical life extension and enhancement. In the mean time, it’s good to see Mormon theology becoming increasingly visible and influential.

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