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My son asks, what will computers be like in 2033?

My oldest son recently won the science fair with his project on Moore's Law and accelerating technological change. He and I spent a lot of time collecting price and performance information about historic computers, discussing how we can try to predict the future based on projections of historic trends, and talking about differences between linear and exponential trends and their appearances in graphs. I enjoyed watching him present everything he learned to his class. Take a look!

Question: What will computers be like in the year 2033, when I'm 35 years old?

Hypothesis: From experience and research, I think they'll become more powerful.

Experience: My old computer is slow, but my new computer is fast!

Research: I used the Internet to find the power of old computers.

Computer Name (Processor Name)YearSpeed (IPS)PriceAdjusted PriceSpeed (IPS) / $1,000
Busicom 141-PF (Intel 4004)197260,000$500$2,60023,077
R2E Micral (Intel 8008)197360,000$1,700$8,3007,229
SCELBI-8H (Intel 8008)197460,000$1,000$4,60013,043
Altair 8800 (Intel 8080)1975640,000$700$2,900220,690
Apple I (MOS Technology 6502)1976430,000$500$1,900226,316
Commodore PET 2001 (MOS Technology 6502)1977430,000$600$2,100204,762
Tandy TRS-80 (Zilog Z80)1978580,000$600$2,000290,000
Tandy TRS-80 (Motorola 68000)19791,000,000$1,000$3,100322,581
Tandy TRS-80 (Motorola 68000)19801,000,000$700$2,000500,000
IBM PC (Intel 8088)1981330,000$1,565$3,90084,615
IBM PC (Intel 8088)1982330,000$1,265$2,800117,857
IBM PC jr (Intel 8088)1983330,000$700$1,500220,000
IBM PC AT (Intel 286)19842,700,000$6,000$12,300219,512
Compaq DeskPro 286 (Intel 286)19852,700,000$4,500$8,900303,371
Compaq Deskpro 386 (Intel 386)19866,000,000$5,000$9,500631,579
Compaq Deskpro 386 (Intel 386)19877,000,000$6,500$12,100578,512
Compaq Deskpro 386 (Intel 386DX)19888,500,000$10,300$18,600456,989
Compaq Deskpro 386 (Intel 386DX)19898,500,000$8,000$13,900611,511
Compaq Deskpro 486 (Intel 486)199020,000,000$14,000$24,200826,446
Compaq Deskpro 486 (Intel 486)199120,000,000$3,200$5,0004,000,000
Dell Dimension 486DX (Intel 486DX)199254,000,000$2,100$3,20016,875,000
Compaq Deskpro Pentium (Intel Pentium)1993100,000,000$3,200$4,70021,276,596
Apple Power Macintosh 6100 (PowerPC 601)199435,000,000$1,800$2,50014,000,000
Acorn Network Computer (ARM 7500FE)199535,900,000$400$50071,800,000
Dell OptiPlex GX Pro (Intel Pentium Pro)1996541,000,000$2,500$3,400159,117,647
Apple Macintosh G3 (PowerPC G3)1997525,000,000$2,000$2,600201,923,077
Micron Millenia 450 (Intel Pentium II)1998855,000,000$1,900$2,400356,250,000
Dell OptiPlex GX 110 (Intel Pentium III)19991,354,000,000$1,200$1,500902,666,667
Gateway Select 1200 (AMD Athlon)20003,561,000,000$2,500$3,1001,148,709,677
HP Workstation i2000 (Intel Itanium)20016,000,000,000$7,000$8,300722,891,566
HP Pavilion 752n (AMD Athlon XP 2400+)20025,935,000,000$1,200$1,4004,239,285,714
Gateway 700GX (Intel Pentium 4 Extreme Edition)20039,726,000,000$3,300$3,8002,559,473,684
Dell Inspiron 500m (Intel Pentium M)20041,959,000,000$1,200$1,3001,506,923,077
Dell XPS 260 (Intel Pentium 4)200518,000,000,000$1,800$2,0009,000,000,000
Dell XPS 410 (Intel Core 2 X6800)200627,079,000,000$2,500$2,60010,415,000,000
Dell Precision T7400 (Intel Quad Core Xeon)200737,000,000,000$1,600$1,60023,125,000,000

Results: The power of computers is increasing exponentially.

Conclusion: In 2033, computers may be as powerful as human brains.

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Thrivous Nootropics for Cognitive Enhancement