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All going to hell?

4 October 2009 (updated 1 September 2015)

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While listening to the LDS Church General Conference today, I was reminded by one of the speakers that the world is becoming an increasingly evil place. I disagree. Certainly all is not well in Zion, so to speak, but we should acknowledge and celebrate our successes in addition to identifying our failures. If you happen to be among those who think the world has been becoming worse with each passing moment, or if you know someone that thinks that way, here are some historical insights worth considering and passing along, from cognitive scientist Steven Pinker.

Still not convinced that human civilization has been doing more right than wrong? Well, learn how to make the better world and get to work doing it, as expressed by another speaker at the LDS Church General Conference today. Then, at least, if you and I both contribute toward improving the world from where it is now, it will not have mattered so much whether we agreed about the historical trend.

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