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Resurrection is the Natural Consequence of Genealogy

Lincoln Cannon

3 May 2010 (updated 8 October 2023)

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Genealogical Resurrection

Will universal resurrection of the dead be the natural consequence of increasingly detailed genealogical work? Do the thought experiment:

  1. Historian A sets forth a basic representation of a past person

  2. Historian B improves on A’s work, providing a more detailed representation of the past person

  3. Other historians repeat #2 indefinitely

The first and the second have already been happening for thousands of years. If the third is possible (enabling time and tools are speculative), the eventual consequence of historians’ work must be a representation of the past person that is indistinguishable from that past person. That past person would be resurrected. Either such resurrection is possible or there is a hard limit to the degree of detail about past persons that will ever be accessible to historians engaged in genealogical work.

What do you think?

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