Thrivous Nootropics for Cognitive Enhancement

What is wrong with being a wirehead?

Soon you'll have the opportunity to become a wirehead: you'll be able to experience persistent intense pleasure through direct brain stimulation, perhaps via an implant or even wirelessly. It would be euphoric and, unlike the common pleasures of eating or sex, it could continue indefinitely. No matter how long you've enjoyed the experience, you'd be able to continue enjoying it. You wouldn't feel full, or fatigued, or otherwise uncomfortable. The pleasure wouldn't decline. Computer-automated modulation would ensure you're experiencing maximal pleasure, more than any conceivable alternative at each moment.

73 Thoughts from LDS Church General Conference (October 2013)

Last weekend, I watched the October 2013 general conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and engaged in discussion of the ideas online. Below are 73 thoughts and highlights, from me and others, about the conference. The thoughts range from affirmations to criticisms, and from questions to assertions. Hopefully they'll provoke reflection, questions and comments.
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Thrivous Nootropics for Cognitive Enhancement
Thrivous Nootropics for Cognitive Enhancement