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A Bluish-Green Pebble

6 March 2022

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A Bluish-Green Pebble

This is a poem that I wrote for and gifted to my father, while he was still alive. He died from his third cancer in 1998. The color of the pebble is a reference both to my father’s eyes and to the Earth.

A bluish-green pebble
bemoaning its being,
and wondering whether
‘twas doing its Doings,
regarded the heavens
and prayed with what power
a bluish-green pebble
may manage to muster.

The Sun from his glory
regarded the pebble
and lighted upon it:
Oh, bluish-green pebble,
in giving the given
you’re doing your Doings,
reflecting my light by
a bluish-green given.

The bluish-green pebble
regarded the river
which carried it closer
the goal of its going,
and wondered the reason;
so, turning toward heaven,
the bluish-green pebble
repeated its wonders.

The Sun softly smiled,
regarding the pebble,
remarking its roundness
and sensing its smoothness:
Oh, bluish-green pebble,
the river’s a wonder
you’ll understand flows for
a bluish-green reason.

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