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Homosexuality: A Straight BYU Student's Perspective

27 October 2010 (updated 13 January 2016)

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Homosexuality: A Straight BYU Student's Perspective

My friend, Brad Carmack, would like to share with you a draft of his book, “Homosexuality: A Straight BYU Student’s Perspective”. It is a heart-felt and thought-provoking look, from the perspective of a faithful Mormon, at homosexuality as it relates to Mormon culture and religion. The book begins with an appeal to compassion, and a discussion of homosexual causation and mutability. From there, it proceeds to construct a case for same-sex marriage, including an interesting chapter on reproductive technologies.

I asked Brad about initial reactions to his work, and he shared with me a sampling of carefully anonymized feedback. The messages ranged from high praise to serious condemnation, reflecting the strong emotions we’ve all come to expect when discussing this issue. I applaud and admire Brad for the courage and care with which he has worked to share his perspective. I hope others will receive it as I understand him to intend it: the honest expression of a person who loves his religion, supports its leaders, and feels spiritually pressed to encourage us all toward increased charity for our homosexual brothers and sisters.

My own opinion on this matter, as I’ve shared previously, is that the sins of promiscuity, infidelity, abuse and neglect are risks that apply equally to both homosexual and heterosexual relationships. May God bless us all with a community that supports and draws strength from our most committed consensual loving relationships.

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