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Capital One owes me $1500

I identify as a libertarian. Unfortunately, though, most persons understand "libertarian" only in the corporatist right-libertarian sense, with which I identify pretty much not at all. Conceptually, corporations imply the risks of government, and often realize the risks of feudalism. Corporatists typically appeal to free market efficiencies and randians to the morality of something like a prosthetically extended individualism. Yet corporations, as often as not, are mired in inefficiencies and exaggerate the vices of their leaders.

Sam Harris asks, “Should we be Mormons in the Matrix?”

In a recent post to his blog, Sam Harris asks, “Should we be Mormons in the Matrix?” Sam is (in)famous for his atheism and anti-religiosity. He has authored bestselling books “The End of Faith” and “Letter to a Christian Nation”, and has commented in the past that “Mormonism is objectively less likely to be true than Christianity ... because Mormonism is just Christianity plus some rather stupid ideas.” Now that Sam has become familiar with the Simulation Argument, he has more to say about Mormonism: “This simulated cosmos might be every bit as ridiculous as Joseph Smith said it was.” The Simulation Argument, he tells us neither seriously nor unseriously, is a new argument for the truth of religion(s).

Technological Singularity as Religious Ideology

Matthew Bailey writes for H+ Magazine, provoking attention with the title "The Technological Singularity as Religious Ideology" and then quickly stating that "The Technological Singularity is NOT a Religion!" I agree with Matthew both that the technological singularity, in itself, is not a religion; and that it is compatible with religious views. In this post, I share some of my thoughts in response to Matthew's article, with particular attention to where we might see things differently.

Transhumanist Stories for the Child in Each of Us

In her article entitled "Transhumanism and Children", Nikki Olson touches on the greatest weakness of secular transhumanism: poor esthetics. As Nikki rightly points out, children may find it difficult to understand or care much for transhumanist ideas because the ideas tend to be delivered with weak or absent story.
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Thrivous Nootropics for Cognitive Enhancement
Thrivous Nootropics for Cognitive Enhancement