Thrivous Nootropics for Cognitive Enhancement

Mormons, Politics and Extra Ordinaries

Thanks to Hank Pellissier for the opportunity to share my views on the subject of Mormonism and politics, and for the candor in his closing remarks on the article, "A Mormon? For President? Who are these people?". I have many friends who are atheists, and although I'm a theist, their concerns resonate with me. Religion and theism, even those with which I identify, have too often been abused. Religion is a social technology, probably the most powerful of them, and like all powerful technologies, it can be used both for good and evil.

The Singularity doesn't require Paul Allen's understanding

Like others before him, Paul Allen argues that the "singularity is not near": we will not anytime soon engineer computers superior to human brains, he says. His argument is based on the observation that human biology, neurology and cognition are highly complex, and he concludes we will need to understand this complexity before we can match or exceed it with our computers. Also like others before him, Paul is probably wrong because the Singularity does not require understanding.

Dynamic Faith in Pancritical Rationalism

In the comments on an H+ Magazine article on "Why Christianity and Transhumanism are not Enemies", Max More disagreed with my assessment of the inevitability of faith. Here's the exchange, including an opening comment from someone named "Ben".

Ben: "Christianity is based on FAITH. Transhumanism is based on SCIENCE. What more is there to say?"

Lincoln: "Science also depends on trust in non-contradiction, spatial and temporal uniformity, causality, etc. Faith is inescapable, but we don’t need to be irrational."

Is postgenderism desirable?

Below are thoughts I composed some time ago, as I read the introduction to "Postgenderism: Beyond the Gender Binary" by James Hughes and George Dvorsky. The authors respond to some of these criticisms in the body of their paper, but I composed these thoughts to illustrate what the idea of Postgenderism may evoke from the outset as context for any practical argument. I share the thoughts here now because a friend has been reviewing the topic.
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Thrivous Nootropics for Cognitive Enhancement
Thrivous Nootropics for Cognitive Enhancement