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Information Technology for the Work of God

Lincoln Cannon

30 April 2012 (updated 3 July 2015)

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Information Technology for the Work of God

Mormons typically understand the work of God to be that of bringing about human immortality and eternal life, reflecting words from a thought provoking passage from the first chapter of the Book of Moses. Since most Mormons also trust that we should become like God, the implication is that the work of God is also our work: we too should be working to bring about our immortality and eternal life.

Elaborating on the nature of this work, the LDS Church (by far the largest Mormon denomination and that of which I’m a member) has adopted a four-fold mission statement, and invests heavily in programs and systems to enable its members to contribute meaningfully in each of these areas:

1) Preach the Gospel

2) Perfect the Saints

3) Redeem the Dead

4) Care for the Poor

Today, I had the opportunity to share with my local congregation some of the information technology resources that the LDS Church provides in each of these areas. Given my inclination to ecumenical Mormonism, I also mentioned some resources provided by other organizations. However, for the audience and setting, I focused on LDS Church resources. Here’s my presentation. I’m interested in your feedback.

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