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Evil Gods will rise and fall they must

Technology is power, which may be used for good or evil. And technological trends increasingly suggest our future will include technology and its associated power beyond our present ability to imagine. The Benevolence Argument of the New God Argument concludes that any posthumanity, radically creative to the point of metacreativity in creating worlds of world creators, probably is more benevolent than humanity, corresponding with trust that God is good, basically because otherwise posthumanity would not have survived its increasingly complex technological ascendance long enough to attain and maintain such power.

Computed Comparison of the Book of Jacob to the Bible

Available now is my computed comparison of the Book of Jacob to the Bible, consisting of 11 pages of side-by-side text comparisons. This is part of the second edition of As One that Hath a Familiar Spirit, which I'm publishing both here on my blog and in my Scribd library. Subsequently, pending sufficient interest, I may also work toward publishing more formal print or ebook copies of the entire work. If you would be interested in purchasing a print or ebook copy, please let me know by clicking here. Here are some highlights from and observations about the computed comparison of the Book of Jacob to the Bible:

Transhumanist Godhead

"Why does the Holy Ghost not have a body?" Someone raised this question in my son's class during church meetings, and the instructor asked the students to think about it at home during the week. Some of us are repulsed by such questions, either because we consider all theology to be a waste of time or because we consider speculation to be spiritually dangerous. Although I agree that speculative theology (is there any other kind?) presents the risk of superstition, I generally value and enjoy it for the opportunity it presents as an illuminator of our posthuman projections. As I've mentioned before, God always has been and is at least a posthuman projection. When we improve our understanding of each other's conception of God (or whatever else we choose to call our posthuman projections), we improve our understanding of each other's deepest motivations and aspirations, which of course presents substantial practical value in our relations with each other. The question raised in my son's class is no exception, so I share with you some of the thoughts I shared with my son.
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Thrivous Nootropics for Cognitive Enhancement
Thrivous Nootropics for Cognitive Enhancement