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The Semi-Orthogonality Thesis

In his Orthogonality Thesis, Nick Bostrom proposes that "intelligence and final goals are orthogonal: more or less any level of intelligence could in principle be combined with more or less any final goal." However, there's a problem hinted at by the combination of "orthogonality" and "more or less". Nick acknowledges that intelligent purpose actually does have some constraints. And arguably those constraints are actually quite strong, which would mean the Orthogonality Thesis is rather weak. But the weakness may not be fatal. We can formulate a Semi-Orthogonality Thesis that actually accounts better for Nick's own observations and reasoning without overstating their ramifications, which remain momentous.

God is Superintelligent Posthumanity

I often position Mormon theology in terms of "superintelligent posthumanity". This provides a bridge of understanding between Transhumanism and Mormonism. It can also provide a bridge of understanding between Transhumanism and broader Christianity, insofar as Mormonism illustrates an interpretive approach to Christian authoritative tradition. Recently, after reading one of my references to God as superintelligent posthumanity, a Transhumanist friend wondered if I might further demonstrate the connection. I can. In fact, Mormon scripture and founder Joseph Smith make the connection pretty much explicit.

Richard Dawkins Advocates Cultural Bigotry

Richard Dawkins is at it again, misapplying his extraordinary biological brilliance to religion with altogether sophomoric results. He's worried that we're saddling children with religious labels, like "Christian", when the children aren't even old enough to understand, let alone assert informed agreement with, the beliefs of their parents. It's such a tragedy, of course, so someone had better do something about it. Thank goodness for Richard.

A Mormon Ontology of God and Its Synthesis in Superintelligent Posthumanity

Stop a Mormon on the street, and ask her to describe God. She might say something like, "God is our Heavenly Father, an embodied glorified being, who created our world and loves us immeasurably." That's an accurate account of Mormon theology, so far as it goes. And yet there's more she could say, reflecting the rich theology of Mormon scripture and authoritative tradition, from ancient Jewish and Christian origins through modern Mormon texts. Here's a taste.
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Thrivous Nootropics for Cognitive Enhancement
Thrivous Nootropics for Cognitive Enhancement