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My Biases on Bryan Johnson's Plan to Save Humanity

Tech entrepreneur Bryan Johnson has written a brief plan for the future of humanity. He's concerned about global catastrophic risks associated with technology. And he intends his plan to start a conversation, prefacing it with the disclaimer that he, like everyone else, has biases and shortcomings. So he's interested in hearing and understanding other perspectives on his plan. To that end, here are my own biased thoughts.

Wesley Smith Lies About Transhumanism

Wesley Smith at the National Review is writing about Transhumanism again. And again, he's misrepresenting Transhumanism and its relationship with religion. These misrepresentations are not the only problems with his latest article. For example, he's also engaging in poor reasoning about the potential of brain emulation and the nature of consciousness. But I'm going to ignore the technical topics (where Wesley is easily excused) and focus on the ideological topics, where Wesley should know better.

Mormon Projections on Superintelligent Communities

Transhumanists, at least the more far-sighted among us, imagine the possibility that humanity will evolve into superintelligent capacities, indefinitely long lives, ethical and esthetic sensibilities that we cannot presently imagine, and perhaps even minds whose thoughts constitute nothing less than the creation of new worlds. But perhaps we don't often enough or deeply enough consider pluralities of superhumanity. Perhaps the awe or bewilderment or exuberance of imagining one such being blinds or distracts us from considering communities of such beings.
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Thrivous Nootropics for Cognitive Enhancement
Thrivous Nootropics for Cognitive Enhancement