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Catholics Should Cheat Death Too

Writing for the major US Catholic journal, Commonweal Magazine, Mary McDonough contends that "life-extension funders should rethink their research." Her main reason is that she believes the funds used for life extension research would be better spent on efforts to solve problems such as poverty, starvation, human-rights violations, and terrorism. But I think she should rethink her criticism. And I'll explain why.

80 Thoughts from LDS Church General Conference (April 2018)

The April 2018 General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) just wrapped up yesterday. The LDS Church is the largest Mormon denomination, consisting of nearly 16 million members. I'm one of them. During the semi-annual conferences, I often share some of my thoughts via Twitter and then share a lightly edited list of those thoughts here on my blog. As usual, the thoughts contain affirmations, questions, criticisms, and elaborations, aiming to cultivate more thoughtful engagement with the conference. I invite your constructive feedback, whether you agree or disagree, and whether you're LDS, or Mormon, or otherwise.

Reform LDS Church Interview Practices Related to Sexuality

Evidently, a former LDS Church mission president, responsible for the missionary training center, has admitted to committing sexual assault. Mormon Leaks released an interview between the former leader and a woman who says she was one of multiple women he admitted to assaulting. And the Church has released a statement acknowledging the seriousness of the charge and communicating its intention to proceed in a manner consistent with its "long-standing policy of no tolerance for abuse."

Cryonics and Transhumanism Are Hope for More, Better, and Real Life

Infamously, cryonics is in the news again. The Brain Preservation Foundation announced that a research group has successfully preserved a pig brain at a research-grade level of detail. A startup, Nectome, announced that it's aiming to sell brain-destructive connectome preservation. And of course, all-too-predictably, such news is provoking frothy-mouthed bio-conservatives to vilify such endeavors and the Transhumanist ideology as a whole, as a sort of incoherent egotistical deathism.

Why Is Resurrection Necessary?

"Why is resurrection necessary in the plan of salvation?" A friend asked me this question at church. In the Mormon tradition, we talk about God having a plan of salvation. And we understand resurrection to be a necessary part of that plan. But why? Why couldn't or wouldn't God create that which has no need for resurrection? Why didn't God simply create immortals?
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Thrivous Nootropics for Cognitive Enhancement
Thrivous Nootropics for Cognitive Enhancement