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This Post Is Sponsored by Fundamentalist Christians

Lincoln Cannon

21 September 2018 (updated 6 May 2024)

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This Post Is Sponsored by Fundamentalist Christians

Fundamentalist Christians would like to tell you what I believe, and how that contrasts with what they believe. So today’s their big day! Front and center, here on my own blog, I give you “my” beliefs in their own words. That’s right: “MY” beliefs in THEIR own words, as well as the “TRUTH,” all capitalized of course. So far as I can tell, it’s what they’ve always wanted most from me. So I’ve decided to give it to them.

Below is a list of quotes from a sampling of texts or recordings that fundamentalist Christians have directed at me personally, or at the Mormon Transhumanist Association, or at the Christian Transhumanist Association. I’m not attributing the quotes to any names, so as to protect the … uh, innocent? Are you ready for this? Actually, you might not be as ready as you imagine. But, ready or not, here they come.

  • “Also there are lots of signs of Satan involved with transhumanism. I can show you. The scriptures warn against this. Those in Babylon and those who take the mark of the beast will be transhumanist. The globalists are behind this and they’re Satan worshippers. … And we have the warning of 666 and the beast from revelation and those signs and others are all over the transhuman tech, sources, articles and people behind it. It’s evil and a deception.”
  • “This is Babylon and mark of the beast territory and you think we need it to become like God? You sound like the globalist Freemasons and what they teach. The Freemasons teach their pawns that they can be their own gods and evolve to be gods through this stuff and these people are Satan worshipers. Satan’s biggest helpers on earth are happy you made this video because it’s advertising what they want.”
  • “No one supports you and transhumanism - no one. I see not only Napoleon complex, but evil within you in a desire to usurp the CREATOR OF ALL. You and your cohorts will never succeed. NEVER. … Perhaps you are of - spare you (not) - the influence of the Black Gew - and have determined, of your own accord (your free will granted to you) that it is the best course for you? SO SHALL IT BE, then, LINCOLN CANNON. You shall reside there, while humanity ascends back to the CREATOR OF ALL. … you of the black gew - we know who you ‘represent.’ … I command you, under universal law, to be cast out! Cast out the evil! For this is why I am here, on this earth today - to speak forward truths of the CREATOR OF ALL. You have no rights here, none, for you are evil.”
  • “Transhumanists are not spiritual in any way. … neither is this person. They are simply sociopaths hiding under the umbrella of religion.”
  • “Some folk are stark raving mad!! … Many of these guys are in Africa w/their missionaries while being double agents w/State Department/CIA.”
  • “Satanic … I was referring to necromancy … I am saying you are not a follower of Jesus. You are playing God and that is very sad …”
  • “r they dumb because that’s wrong, that’s not how it works. the body def influences but mind is a joint project of the body and spirit. u can’t just leave that part out, dum dums. unless the f****** point is zombification”
  • “Omg why am I not surprised they do this evil work it’s all fuelled by their sheer arrogance to want to be god & not allow humanity to evolve spritually the self entitlement is off the hook”
  • “This stuff is like a drug to these ‘people’, and more than likely they will OD on it. Hopefully they don’t take us with them when they crash and burn.”
  • “Talk about being a cult …”
  • “Christians, beware the cult of transhumanism. … On one hand, how appealing. A world without sickness, an earth without hunger, a population buoyed by the latest advances in health, medicine, fitness, financial opportunity, social justice and so forth and so on — who could argue? But on the other hand — how Hitleresque.”
  • “In any case, the CTA is plunging headlong into a marriage with science that has many believers appalled.”
  • “Man’s efforts at reaching up to God have always failed, as in the Tower of Babel.”
  • “And this will lead to the exploitation of vulnerable human beings, especially unborn human beings.”
  • “Mormonism is no more Christian than Islam. … Mormons are not Christians in any sense of the word.”
  • “Materialism is atheistic, you seem more like a secular humanist that uses religious buzz words.”
  • “Jesus warns of of people like you! I will pray for you ! … Jesus warned us in the Bible about people like you. False prophets and deceivers. Learn your Bible son we will be praying for all you and mormons.”
  • “God created man in his image, transhumanism is the defacing of that image. It’s genetic and permanent. That’s the mark that the bible warns us about. Receive this and there is no turning back. Accept and trust Jesus, forget this doctrine of demons.”
  • “This world is waxing worse as God said it would in the last days. Apparently these people are won over by the enemy of their souls, satan.”
  • “Hope these people like Bar B Qu.”
  • “I for one am a mentally enslaved, main stream media moron. Who will fall for anything! And this pretend new mickey mouse religon is for me:)”
  • “The fallen Angels tried this before. I can assure you they were leaps and bounds past us intellectually. They paid dearly for their mistake, not to mention the human toll.”
  • “This is a complete abomination. God is not pleased.”
  • “Bla bla bla wake up peop that chicken is working hard to destroy all human being through those Mormons or new ages or all of these new religions. … May you can dream and dream and dream again but in reayality you never never be god the almighty but don’t worry you can be like your father guess who is your father ????? Yah like him. Who is commanding you to speak and to thing such ediot thing.”
  • “That is called the spirit of antichrist!”
  • “Lincoln, Lincoln, Lincoln. We don’t need ‘machines’ or ‘technological augmentations’ to evolve or become better. Humans are already divine. You just seek to take it from us. You are parasites.”
  • “The speaker is espousing abominations, pure and simple! >:( … This transhumanism concept is a DIRECT tenet of the mark of the beast and just wrong on all counts.”
  • “You sir are a fool,this crap caused the flood you stipd robot , there is only 1 GOD, h2 creates not you, you do make your master lucifer happy. … I am x mormon , its obviouse you have no clue what going on ,who do you think are obducting humans spacemen?, no demons & the fallen ones, you know the orbs flying around decieving men, Gods angels.”
  • “You cannot become like GOD ,its worship of ones self,worse than idol worship, how dare man be so evil,that they proclaim god hood,it is so pridfull ,satan wishes for the same,& is cast out. … dont try too twist things, you become perfect through Jesus, so that you can be with God not be God,DID you now the fallen angels had sex with the daughters of men.”
  • “God just wants us to try to be good people. You don’t need to install the same hardware that heralds the mark of the beast …”
  • “It’s very simple- it’s the oldest lie that you can be made like God. The discussion doesn’t need to proceed any further beyond that point. period.”
  • “I hope all whom believe in Mormon Transhumanism like Hot weather. Try to Grasp Eternity in Hell so you know what to look forward too.”
  • “GOD DOES NOT NEED OUR MAN MADE TECH TO DO ANY GREAT THING THAT HE HAS PLANNED FOR US, you live in a spiritual box cannon, pull your head out your behind.”
  • “You are dumb enough to believe in such ungodly ideas and try to alter with a human’s DNA. Alter that which God had created to his image. God never intended to make us immortal while living on Earth, that’s why he has his own plans. We will live forever alongside God only if we accept him as our savior. I only pray that you people open your eyes. This such called ‘religion’ belief what ever you want to call it will not save you from the eternal lake of fire.”
  • “I wonder if this helps to explain the Mormon stance on incest.”
  • “Mormons are cancer.”
  • “It is the gnostic luciferian elite that is the driving force behind the transhumanist movement and the drive for carnal immortality - seeking to ‘perfect the (sinful) flesh’.”
  • “YESSS satan wants to hide sin to have us think we dont need Christ and his atonement. these people are confused nut jobs.”
  • “This was really luciferian.”
  • “Beware when the aliens (DEMONS) come and offer you a chip that will integrate with your dna to offer you immortal existense! To say that God. YHWY would allow this shows your apparent non … In the days of Noah the fallen angels took the woman as they chose creating an abomination of a race to God. (The nephilim) They tinkered with the dna.”
  • “(facepalm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) you will never transfigure by way of man made technology. maaaaan your a fool. … Your insane belief system is what invites the ridiculing.”
  • “You still just dont get it GOD DOES NOT NEED OUR TECHNOLOGY LINCOLN how can you not F****** SEE THAT man you really starting to look more like satans yuppy then some lds preisthood. … Satan is at work here this well groomed well spoken fool is only fooling 494 people. GET BEHIND ME SATAN.”
  • “Trying to follow Christ by using technology instead of faith you mean? ok then you and your other 500 moron mormon transhumanism friends have fun answering to the alfa and omega one.”
  • “‘Technology is an expression of faith’ sure bud you should make that the transhumanism motto hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahalololololololololololo. … You are a joke to the majority of mormons and its a shame you cant see that.”
  • “There is only one religion. that religion is called The Word. all denominations and forms of Christianity are wrong and have been manipulated by evil.”
  • “This is alarming. does no one entertaining this line of thought understand the BIBLE? The book of Revelation comes to mind and ‘as in the days of Noah’.”
  • “Mormonism is paganism.”
  • “Transhumanism is SATANIC NWO! BE afraid BE VERY AFRAID … The LSD Church has been infiltrated and is now just another globalist corporate entity. … The Church has been completely infiltrated and globalist…Wow this stuff is pure EVIL folks WAKE UP.”
  • “Technology is the Tower of Babel of modern man. You are not fooling me with this abomination of evil.”
  • “Only Jewish postmodernism could be behind such an evil. Congratulations, you have played into the hands of the advisory.”
  • “Mormonism is definitely a gnostic Masonic luciferian religion created to be goyem of the Zionist Jews in the end. … Wishful thinking idiots brainwashed by their lodges and churches into being goyem. That’s your destiny wasteman!!”
  • “Transhumanism is a stopping of the soul cycle leaving u locked in this reality under satan’s control, this is the mark of the beast and how you will loose your soul.”
  • “These ppl r fools and will burn for there blaspheme and there doctrine of devils.”
  • “You are insanely evil.”
  • “They are actually trying to create a facsimile of an illusionary world … our Moon & Mar’s is apparently littered with the debris of ‘ancient’ technology … technology is as space dust, & is temporal, not eternal … the elitist’s of this world are trying to taking us all down with them, with their absurd plans at ‘immortality.’”
  • “Transhumanism is the way to the Mark of the Beast and forbidden knowledge.”
  • “Sick. … Oh Hi Lincoln Is that you speaking or the computer..Praying for Gods intervention to your twisted vision.”
  • “You are being deceived. There will be a great falling away. You will be stung by locust and ask to die for 5 months in torture but will not die. Stop being stubborn re evaluate bc u are being deceived. … We are not supposed to be part of this world bc satan is the ruler of this world. … In Noah days he was the only left pure human at that time that’s why the flood came. Pure in this context means pure dna Gods creation man not the hybrids of giants in the land that came from the fallen Angel’s who took the women and bare giant children or Greek legends call them demi gods.”
  • “Fooling around with DNA … fooling around with science … fooling around with demons.”
  • “This goes to show a few things including that these men were not Christians, not adherents of the Bible, were false prophets and promulgated literally Satanic concepts. … Mormonism is merely a structured form of Satanism. … Clearly, Mormon transhumanism is a cult.”
  • “Can you see how Satan is in the background of Transhumanism and these various movements and organizations; convincing people – even those who call themselves Christians!”
  • “Mormonism even provides for the posthuman technology known as ‘transhumanism’ that some believe is necessary to incarnate the Lord’s ‘brother’ as the end times Man of Sin, and a Mormon Transhumanist Association [v] exists to syncretize LDS religion with these goals.”
  • “I took sometime to read the information on your website and find that what you’re casting as a broard understanding in Christianity is actually heresy.”
  • “Tell me about your Christian orthodoxy. I believe it was a certain angel that fell that wanted to be equal with God.”
  • “Problem is, you don’t own the word ‘transhumanist’. I don’t need your ‘education’ on what it means. I draw my conclusions from. Nazis, jihadists, and every other kind of evil group use exactly the same form of argument …”
  • “Is anyone surprised that a faction of the church of LDS will openly devolve into an anti-human state, or is this a natural ‘progression’ of their cosmology, theology, philosophy?”
  • “The primary architects of this ‘New Age’ robo-techno-hell are either ‘Jewish’ or ‘Mormon’. You see, certain Mormons in good standing have gone so far as to organize a tax-exempt ‘foundation’ to promote this clearly Luciferian agenda.”
  • “This is none other than the worldwide, dehumanized, hyper-efficient ‘hive society’, (the ‘beehive’ is the state symbol of Utah…home of the Mormon Church) that was advocated by eugenicist Charles Galton Darwin in ‘The Next Million Years’. Or, “Our Benevolent Feudalism”, as eugenicist William J. Ghent put it, in his portrayal of the techno-fascist global society that, he said, would eventually be ushered in, using the combined power of finance and science.”
  • “Mormon Transhumanism is, by any other name, just fancy way of repeating Satan’s deception, ‘you shall be as God.’”
  • “… you will pay for attempting to deceive the children of God with your absolutely pathetic attempt to twist the words of God being reborn is not transhumanism and if you think it is you are far lost then the evil people that are sitting to destroy each other all over the world. you should be ashamed of yourself but you will not because you were lost you have no knowledge of the living God and his son Yeshua. Your pathetic little attempt is disgusting and vile and it is absolute blasphemy.”
  • “So do you deny that the Mormon church is a well-known front for practitioners of SRA [Satanic ritual abuse] mind-control?”
  • “Lincoln Cannon Indeed. Technology is a gift. And losing our humanity by distorting and hollowing out the Temple of Our Soul and transforming countless billions into automata is NOT a gift from God but the depraved delusions of the Demiurge and power hungry archons… You are using one of the great works of wisdom to justify the most repugnant attempt to imprison humanity. Is this why your leaders threw Joseph out of the window? He saw the Evil that the small cabal that had grown around him had the intention to create.. Your devious and deceptive justification of the culmination of this Technocratic Tyranny is obscene.”
  • “Godless satanist f***”

Of course, most of these comments merit no response. However, I occasionally respond to some criticisms from fundamentalist Christians. Examples include Albert Mohler, Brannon Howse, Carl Teichrib, Cris Putnam, Thomas Horn, Wesley Smith, and World Informer. Among them, Carl Teichrib has proven to be the most trustworthy antagonist.

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