Thrivous Nootropics for Cognitive Enhancement

Further Inspiration on Designer Universes

A friend (Jeremy Owen Turner) called my attention to an article published today in the Telegraph, which asks, "Are we living in a designer universe?" There are strong similarities between the ideas expressed in this article and those I expressed in my blog post a few days ago, "Before the Big Bang: Posthuman Computers in Black Holes?"

Before the Big Bang: Posthuman Computers in Black Holes?

A friend asked for my opinion on what came before the big bang. I'm not a physicist or cosmologist, but I read enough to have (dangerous) opinions that might provoke imagination in productive directions. With that disclaimer, here are my thoughts.

Our Journey through Disillusionment to Active Enchantment

Recently, a friend wrote me a letter requesting my thoughts on some of the challenges, particularly historical and political, facing the LDS Church and how they affect him personally. With his permission, I'm responding on my blog because I expect these thoughts will interest and may benefit others.

Posthuman Evolution Recapped Human Growth?

A Wired article recently explained "Human Evolution Recapped in Kids' Brain Growth". Basically, the idea is that 25 million years' of human brain evolution are repeated at relatively high speed in the developing brains of contemporary human children. I've sometimes wondered whether something similar might not be true of posthuman evolution?

Reasons for Technological Interpretations of Mormonism

Below is a transcript of my presentation at Sunstone 2010 yesterday at the Sheraton Hotel in Salt Lake City. I invite your feedback.
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Thrivous Nootropics for Cognitive Enhancement
Thrivous Nootropics for Cognitive Enhancement