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Pope Benedict and Immortalists

Michael Anissimov and Aubrey de Grey call our attention to Pope Benedict's Holy Saturday address from 3 April of this year. In the address, the Pope presents perspective on immortalism, suggesting that radical extension of life as we currently know it is not a cure for death, but rather a cure for death must "transform our lives from within" and "create a new life within us, truly fit for eternity".

Inspired by Richard Dawkins and "The God Delusion"

In 2007, I read Richard Dawkins' "The God Delusion". At the time, the New Atheists appeared newer than they now appear (although they were perhaps not so new even at that time), and they were frequently referenced in articles and discussions that crossed my path. Prior to reading Dawkins' book, I was told, by both atheist and theist friends, basically not to waste my time on it. Generally, their reasoning was that Dawkins treats religion too shallowly. For whatever reason, I decided to read the book anyway.

Two Problems with Americans' Expectations of Life in 2050

While browsing the results of the Pew Research Center survey of Americans' expectations of life in 2050, there were a couple problems that jumped out at me.

Religious Hubris

Transhumanists have been charged with hubris: the arrogance of playing God. As the argument goes, our aspirations are beyond moral bounds, our trust in human ability is unwarranted and dangerous, and we may even risk the wrath of some God that would punish us to rectify our attitude and put us in our proper place as his lowly creatures.

Do rituals save us?

Do rituals save us? Are ordinances required for salvation or exaltation? Put differently, for those with less familiarity with religious language, are there desirable modes of existence (perhaps subsequent to death) that we cannot attain without engaging in particular rituals, perhaps performed by particularly authorized persons? For example, it is not uncommon among Christians (including Mormons) to hold that a ritual like baptism is necessary for salvation.

Will posthumans all doubt their own existence?

Today, Philippe Verdoux of the IEET asked, "Will posthumans all be atheists?". My first reaction was: "This is ridiculous. It's like an embryo asking whether humans will not believe in humans." I think I even mumbled it out loud, although there was no one around to hear me.
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Thrivous Nootropics for Cognitive Enhancement
Thrivous Nootropics for Cognitive Enhancement